The Birkman Method


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The Birkman Method

Gaining Agility through critical insights by illuminating the hidden needs of yourself, your team, and throughout your organization.

For over 65 years, The Birkman Method® has been helping people reach further with their unique yet scientific approach to behavioral & occupational assessments. It is used by millions of people and the world’s best companies to develop leaders, improve teamwork, explore careers, select talent and increase sales and productivity. 

The Birkman Method is a powerful tool that identifies an individual’s strengths, behaviors, motivations, and interests. It is a reliable tool in which the results of the assessment remain relatively stable over time, and many statistical studies have been and continue to be conducted to ensure that the assessment measures what is intended.

Our Birkman Certified Practitioners will provide you with a report giving you insight to know more about yourself, what makes you unique, and how this impacts you and those with whom you interact. This information will help you by learning what interests you at work and at home, discovering what behaviors others notice about you, articulating your unique strengths and opportunities, and exploring your career interests with scientifically-backed data.