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Leadership Agility 360

Gain Agility to your performance through the discovery of seeing the spaces between how others see you and you see yourself.

The Leadership Agility 360 is a world-class, new-era feedback instrument used by leading companies and nonprofits all over the world, as well as universities and government agencies. It is based on extensive empirical research of a 5-year research study that focused on a central question: what does effective leadership look like in today’s unprecedented era? The conclusion was effective leadership in today’s world requires agility – the ability to take wise and effective action amid complex, rapidly changing conditions, and that agility is not a single competency but a personal capacity that can be channeled into everything a leader does. 

The instrument platform is efficient, with flexible input. Time required to assess an individual averages about 30 minutes, and it is designed so that raters can complete their feedback in more than one sitting, if needed. The outcomes of the instrument have repeatedly shown a remarkably high correlation with independent assessment of leadership effectiveness, there is no redundancy between items, and no race, gender or age-related bias. 

The Leadership Agility 360 Feedback Report is concise, intuitive, and easy to digest. The feedback report shows where a leader is currently operating on the Expert-Achiever-Catalyst spectrum or agility practices, and for each practice it shows what the next level of agility looks like. Our LA360 certified coaches provide a powerful action plan that captures not only desired “from-to” behavior changes, but also the mindset shifts needed from the leader to support these changes.